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KTC-2 Very soon!!

Posted by Justin Koch on

As most of you know I'm finalizing the new credit card processor on my website to be able to sell knives on this platform. This should be taken care of this week and I'll be posting the details on the KTC-2 Pre-Order finally. I feel bad it is taking so long but I want it to be all setup right for everyone's sanity.
I've been also trying to keep some pieces in stock in a mix with bringing some new updated designs as often as possible. I'm super excited to have the new edit of the Deuce ( Duo-X ) out very soon! 
Once the weather finally breaks i'm going to be doing a lot of Cerakote this year, I don't believe I even did any last year due to all of the rain that we had here. Fingers crossed for no monsoon season this year, we just had way too much rain!
Have a good one folks! - Justin


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