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Artifakt EDC

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The Artifakt is my take on the traditional Arrowhead, one of the most primitive tools in the world. This design is a pocket sized reminder to Fokus Forward, pointing in one direction not looking back. Some of you may consider these to be more of a worry stone and a hands on item to keep with you daily as opposed to using it for any other purpose below and that is fine! This was designed for you, it is yours!
The Artifakts are not sharpened ( just yet 😎 )but come to a nice point. Could be used as for whatever you see fit! Necklace pendant, breaking some tape, or who knows even tie it up to make an arrow! I’m anxious to see what everyone does with them and I’m excited to work on a couple additional options for these. One of those being a retrofit handle kit that will come with hardware ( these are out a bit yet but in design! ) Materials and details on pieces available will be in the drop down menu.
Thanks for the support! 
All kinds of metals in time, Ti, Zirc, Brass, Copper, blade steels ETC. follow along! 👊🏻
2 5/8” x 1.25” x .156” is the common size but other thicknesss will become available. 
Please keep in mind strength of materials vary, know your material before you use it for something you possibly shouldn't. If you have any questions please reach out!
Made in Pennsylvania 


***Any misuse of this product is strictly at customers risk and Koch Tools Co. will not be held accountable for such negligence in any form***

Customer Reviews

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James Kidera
Artifakt - Black Tough UV Resin

Neat little edc item; I was a little disappointed with the finishing on it though. It looks opaque in the pictures, but mine was fairly translucent, and it was a little warped out of the box. It was also pretty rough and there were a lot of spots on the underside of the artifakt itself. I know it’s resin but I thought it would be a little more smooth and rigid. That being said, it’s still a cool product/idea, and the resin version isn’t all that expensive either.

Michael Shohat
The Artifact Is A Keeper!!

Couldn’t wait till it came out in Brass and I jumped the gun so quickly and then saw an aged one drop….. Amazing. It really is a beautiful piece, very detailed and easy to carry. I would like the handle attachment once available. Now awaiting the arrival of my XL ST Skalls 🤗


Amazing from Koch tools as always. Highly recommend.


Great product! Will be fun to throw into my EDC.


Great seller, great product! Glad to support this business again in the near future.